Thomas Nellessen, Attorney

Thomas Nellessen, Attorney

DUI Attorney Douglas County

Thomas J. Nellessen founded The NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE 1991. DUI Attorney Tom Nellessen has been providing services in the Douglas County area since 1991. Mr. Nellessen has dedicated his practice to defending those charged with DUI matters and criminal offenses. Further, with his extensive experience in the criminal courts, DUI Attorney Tom Nellessen understands how the criminal court system works and how to best preserve your constitutional rights. Thomas Nellessen represents his clients in matters involving DUI, Drug cases, Domestic Violence, Assaults, Child Abuse cases, and virtually all other felony and misdemeanor offenses. Mr. Nellessen is 1 of 700 members of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA), an elite organization of the brightest minds in DUI Defense. DUIDLA continues spread DUI defense techniques to attorneys across the country.

DUI Attorney Tom Nellessen

In addition to his very active litigation practice, DUI Attorney Tom Nellessen and the Nellessen Law Office take a risk management approach with clients. Furthermore, we believes in day-to-day contact with his clients to assist in evaluating the needs of each client. This practice helps to minimize the potential harm that may result from a criminal conviction, and allows for a proper and complete trial preparation.

Do not take DUI charges lightly. When you are charged with a drunk driving related matter, contact a Douglas County DUI Attorney. Furthermore, DUI attorney should have vast experience and knowledge in handling Douglas county DUI matters. Additionally, our Douglas County DUI Attorneys will provide you with proactive representation the beginning of your case. Finally, at the Nellessen Law Office, we have the experience and commitment necessary to achieve the best possible results in your DUI related matter. So, if you are in need of a DUI Attorney in Douglas county, call Thomas Nellessen and the Nellessen Law Office today. You will be happy with what we can offer you.

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